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About the California Science Center

Address: 700 Exposition Park Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90037
Phone: 323-724-3623
Hours: M-Sunday, 10a – 5p
Admission: FREE to regular exhibits. Imax and Special Exhibits (including the Space Shuttle Endeavor – $3.00) have special admission charges. Also, for Imax, the Space Shuttle and special exhibits, special reservations need to be made in advance online. Visit this ticketing area to do so: You need to click and answer their questions under Plan Your Day to snag the tickets you’ll need for these special activities.
Free Admission Dates/Times: Every day is FREE to the regular exhibits.

Parking: Enter at 39th Street and Exposition Park Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90037 and follow the signs for guest parking which is $12 until 5p and $15 after 5p. Parking for Charter buses and oversize vehicles is $30.

Metro Train: Getting to the California Science Center by train is another option. You would take the Metro Blue Line and get off at the Expo Park/USC Station on Exposition Blvd. Just cross the street and walk through the Exposition Park Rose Garden (about a block long) to get to the California Science Center entrance.

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What’s in the regular exhibition at the California Science Center?

In the regular exhibition at the California Science Center: Space Shuttle Endeavor (which does require a special admission and timed ticket due to its popularity), Creative World (features Inventions and Tech Innovations), Air & Space World, World of Life (Biology), and the Roy A. Anderson Blackbird Exhibit & Garden which celebrates local plants, birds and nature.

The crown jewel of the regular exhibition at the Center is the Space Shuttle Endeavor which made quite the splash in the Southland when it was flown in and then towed from the westside of L.A. across city streets to the permanent home on the east side at the Center.

This exhibition is devoted to tech innovation and invention and includes a study of the science behind earthquake resistant buildings, solar cars, and the future of transportation. Kids will enjoy the solar car competition racing as well as the fusion of nature and technology at the wind sailing exhibit. Also, check out the wind tunnel which has tested automotive limits for decades. Science has never been so fun!

AIR: The “air” part of the Air & Space exhibition features the F/A-18 Hornet (capable of flying in the worst of weather), F-20 Tigershark, A-12 Blackbird (the first plane made from mainly titanium). And check out the sleek Northrop T-38 Talon which is the first twin engine, supersonic high-altitude jet trainer aircraft.

SPACE: In addition to the Endeavor, the Air & Space exhibit features some of the greatest (and best known) space flight vehicles. This includes the Apollo-Soyuz Command Module. It was the actual capsule that docked with the Russian Soyuz spacecraft in July 1975. The Mercury-Redstone 2 which was part of the Mercury space program which took a primate into space before NASA decided to try space flight on humans. The Gemini 11 capsule is on display which was flown in September 1966 by Pete Conrad and Dick Gordon. Gemini 11 was known for a lot of firsts that advanced America’s activities in space. This includes the first orbit rendezvous and docking with a target vehicle as well as EVA scientific tests (meaning ExtraVehicular Activity). The vehicle also did the first automatic reentry. An Apollo spacesuit is available for viewing as well. It was the spacesuit worn by pilot Thomas Mattingly for the Apollo 16 mission to the moon in April 1972. This special part of the Science Center’s collection allows us to view an item that had been to the moon and back.

MISSION TO THE PLANETS: The Science Center features full-size replica models of space vehicles that are touring our solar system and the cosmos. This includes Cassini-Huygens model which was the first spacecraft to orbit Saturn.

What are the upcoming special exhibitions for the California Science Center?


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